Dowling to prioritise local jobs

Media release:

Independent mayoral candidate for Townsville, Greg Dowling, said today that once elected he would order a complete overhaul of the council’s procurement protocols to ensure priority was given to local workers.

“Townsville’s unemployment rate continues to rise and the current council has no local plan to tackle this problem,’’ Mr Dowling said.

“The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics jobs data shows that Townsville’s unemployment rate continues to rise and is now at 7.9%, making it the fourth highest unemployment region in Queensland.

“There are over 9,000 Townsville residents currently looking for a job who can’t get one. 

“As bad as the overall unemployment rate is, it is the youth of our city who are suffering the worst.

“Shockingly, unemployment amongst young people has risen to 18.5%.”

“We know that there is a link between high youth unemployment and an increase in crime. Townsville’s unacceptable crime rate is another failing of this administration.  

Mr Dowling said the current Labor-aligned administration had let the people of Townsville down in its overhaul of the Townsville City Council procurement program.

“Jobs and contracts are continuing to go to Brisbane companies whilst Townsville businesses and people miss out,’’ he said.

“If elected Mayor, within the first 100 days, I will order a complete review and overhaul of Council’s procurement protocols and tendering system to ensure that we preference local suppliers, contracts and employment whilst also delivering value-for-money for Townsville ratepayers,’’ he said.

Mr Dowling said he would also create greater incentives to bring more investment and downstream processing to the region.