Making kids clean up graffiti not the answer: Dowling

Media Release:

Mayoral candidate Greg Dowling has criticized Team Jenny Hill’s draconian plans to force Townsville youth to clean up graffiti, saying it would do nothing to solve the city’s crime problem.

“This is a headline-grabbing exercise which does not address the root causes of Townsville’s crime issues,’’ Mr Dowling said.

“Townsville residents are becoming increasingly fed up with the band-aid solutions imposed by Jenny Hill’s Labor-aligned council.

“They have been in power for eight years during which time the economy has declined and crime has spiraled. They have achieved nothing, which is why it’s time for change in Townsville,’’ he said.

Mr Dowling said urgent steps needed to be taken to create meaningful employment for Townsville youth and to boost police powers.

Mr Dowling said the It’s Time for Townsville team had a fully-costed crime prevention plan which would be released in the coming days.